Covid 19 Information

I’d like to take a moment to let you know of my commitments to you surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. Whilst we adjust to these unprecentdented times I wish to reassure and inform you of the measures that I am taking here to keep your clothing and creations safe. Firstly, we have been self isolating as a family since Wednesday 18th March (not due to illness but because we are simply and luckily able to) and we are sending you all so much love and hope that you are able to keep as safe as you possibly can be during this time.

Any parcels that are received are left for 2 days before opening and are all stored completely separate to each other. There is no touching of one bundle of clothing to another. I am regulary washing my hands before, during and after making and am only working on one order at a time meaning that I am not making multiple orders at once to minimise any risk of any cross contamination. Once your order is made, photographed and packed up, it is left for 2 days before being booked out for collection by my courier. I would highly recommend that once you receive your parcel that you would do the same and leave it between 24 and 48 hours before opening as it would have been in the delivery system and obviously I am unable to account for its contacts during transit etc.

Lastly, if you are placing an order then I would highly recommend you visit and book a collection online and have the parcel collected form your home. No need to leave home for any of this at all!

Thank you so much for choosing me to create a beautiful keepsake for you and your family and also for supporting me through this difficult time,

Much love to you all,  Janine x

Welcome to Marni & Rose

Our babies grow up so fast – one minute you’re tucking them up in their first tiny sleep suits and the next it’s their first day of school. We all want to hold on to these ‘blink or you’ll miss it’ moments, which makes the thought of packing up or giving away those first worn clothes a difficult one. 

While they will always be our babies, they’re not going to be that tiny again! So instead of packing away the precious sleep suits and tiny tees, Marni & Rose can turn those outgrown baby clothes into your very own keepsake teddy bear. Completely unique to you and created lovingly by hand, your keepsake bear can be personalised with your child’s name, birth date, the time they were born and even how much they weighed.  

It’s not just baby clothes that can reimagined into a keepsake bear for you to treasure forever, we can create a teddy bear to mark any and every important milestone or occasion. Your bear could be made from a first school uniform, wedding dress or suit as a beautiful reminder of your career. Some of our most wonderful keepsake bears have been made from the clothing of a lost loved one, as a comforting way to keep that someone special close.

We pour our heart and soul into each and every bear we make. Our small, close knit team at Marni & Rose create every bear as if it were our own – entirely by hand and with love, complete care and a touch of Marni & Rose magic you just won’t find anywhere else, from our home in North Devon, UK.

What our Customers Say…

I got my bear from Marni and Rose approx 4yrs ago. I have never been so excited to a) my number called to send in the outfits, b) choosing the outfits and finally c) receiving our bear. The love and care that goes into each bear is a work of art. Ours sits proudly in our daughters bedroom and I tell everyone and anyone who’s pregnant or knows someone about who made it followed by the link to the website. Highly recommended xx

Ginette B

The bears look stunning in the photos but nothing can prepare you for how much better they are in real life. They are sizeable bears and it’s lovely having all my little boys early baby grows and sleep suits on this bear that I will treasure forever. It’s a fabulous idea and the execution is perfect! They are so well made. A very beautiful, high quality sentimental product xx

Jenny B

We can’t thank you enough for the love and time you have put into making our very special memory bear! You have perfectly put together very precious memories of our sons early months and made them into a beautiful keepsake bear who has pride of place in our living room for us to admire everyday. Thank you so much xx

Zoe C

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About Marni & Rose

Marni & Rose began in March 2012 when my youngest daughter, Marni was just 6 months young. She was an absolute gift but I really began to suffer from feeling bound by the motherhood mill. I pulled out my sewing machine that hadn’t been used for a number of years and started to play around and my passion for sewing came flooding back!

Things had changed dramatically since I moved with my husband and our dog  to North Devon 2 years prior to Marni’s arrival and with a sense of needing to be with her, yet doing something creative and with the wish that I could help with the bills etc, Marni & Rose was born!